Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 in 2012: Sandy Relief Challenge - Day 37

Miles to run as of beginning of Thursday, 12/13: 121.08

Miles run on 12/13: 1.55

After skipping a day of weights, Chris and I got back to gym hopping and tried out the NYHRC on 23rd street and 6th Avenue. We did the usual routine, which consists of Chris showing me how to do various exercises and doing them himself, and me being an idiot and forgetting everything he says. Also, it was apparently obvious that he's a trainer because one of the staff trainers came around threatening to throw us out if Chris didn't do all the exercises as well, since they have a no-outside-trainers policy. Seemed a little silly, if you ask me.

Anyway, we were set to go have dinner after working out. Once I realized there would not be nearly enough time for a full run, I knew I had to act quickly if I wanted to get even a little streaksaver in before we left. When it was time to stretch, I booked it over to a treadmill and banged out a mile and a half or so. NYHRC must have some thing with Precor, because these treadmills dominated the cardio floor. But somewhere in the back, I did manage to find a Lifetime treadmill that looked like it was a couple of decades old.

Miles to run as of beginning of Friday, 12/14: 119.53

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