Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 in 2012: Sandy Relief Challenge - Day 31 (More Speedwork)

Miles to run as of beginning of Friday, 12/7: 154.93

Miles run on 12/7: 6.7

I did another round of mile repeats at lunchtime. What I've read about this is that they help increase one's VO2 max threshold. I used a Runner's World race pace calculator to figure out what that was for me. It was something like 7:15 per mile. I wish I could link it here but I was having a hard time finding it. Anyway, I did 3 miles at 7:13 minutes per with quarter miles at 10:00 minutes/mile in between. Plus a little something at the end, which gave me the extra .15.

After work, I met Chris for a gym date at the New York Health & Racquet club in Cooper Square because we both still had our week-long passes from the Ironman. I ran there (because I was running late) and then had to run back home and back to the gym because I forgot a photo ID. All that running brought me to about 2.5 miles, 6.7 in total.

Also, Chris showed me a strength workout that he recommends I do a few times a week during the offseason. It was really hard. I am 99% certain my abs have never been that sore and that lasted until Wednesday. Guess I have a lot of progress to make in that area!

Miles to run as of beginning of Saturday, 12/8: 148.23

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