Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm baaaack

Well this whole marathon blog seems like a waste. It's been almost two months since I last posted. Two months. That's like half the training schedule.

While I'm here and posting, though, I might as well update my progress. I don't even remember what the last long run was that I posted about, but last weekend I ran 20 miles. It should have been a 19 mile week, but my 20 miler was scheduled on the same day as the Staten Island half marathon. Last weekend was the marathon tune-up (18 miles). I figured it would be easier to turn 18 miles into 20 than 13 into 20. But I still need to do the 19 next weekend, so still have to run extra after the half. Ah, well. The point is, it's almost time for the marathon! Not even a month to go. Well, probably just about a month from today.

This marathon is going to be significantly slower than the Dallas one, which is pretty disappointing. I think I haven't been training hard enough. I've been doing the long runs, but since I mostly do them by myself, I settle into a really slow pace. If I was running with someone it would be a lot easier to get faster.

On that front, I found a running partner. The NYRR has listings for running partners, and I found one that's really close to my pace and was also interested in morning runs, which I've had little success doing in the past. It's been really good! Last week I did three morning runs, which is way better than I normally do. We're scheduled to do another on on Tuesday.

Tomorrow is also basketball day. I love basketball. I'm not even that good, but there's something about playing it that really makes me happy. I love it. I think I could probably play all day.

Anyway, it's getting late. I guess I'll turn in for the day.