Monday, August 10, 2009

Days 31, 32, 33, 34, 35

Yesterday I finally decided to accept the fact that my shoes are too terrible to use. At least right now. They're really, really bad. I suppose it could be that they'll just take a long time to break in, but right now I don't have time for that. I'm not going to run 12 miles if each step is agony. My solution to this problem was to use not my old shoes, but my old old shoes. I should probably ask my mother to ship my old shoes. First of all, they still have the Nike+ chip in them. Secondly, if I'm going to be wearing older shoes I might as well wear newer old shoes. But my old shoes aren't bad at all. They're certainly better than the new ones. It was a huge relief, because I was starting to think that it was just me.

I'm not sure how far I ran yesterday, but I think it was around 5 miles. I used an iPhone app called TrailGuru. It has to be inaccurate thought, because according to it I ran 6 miles in 53 minutes. That would mean that my average pace was less than 9 minutes, which I just don't believe. Anyway, I assume I at least came close to running five miles in that amount of time, so that's what I'm going to call it. 5 miles. This is good since I only did 3 on Sunday. Balances out. Tomorrow I need to run 6 miles. And swim.

Oh! That's the other great thing about today. I went swimming! And by swimming, realized that I will be okay for the triathlon. I still need to swim almost everyday in order not to embarrass myself, but I'll be fine. I won't croak.

Bad part about today was the softball game. I mean, great that we had one. You have no idea how much I look forward to softball games. Unfortunately we weren't up to the task of winning. We were doing great for the entire game. All the way up until the 6th inning. We held them scoreless for 5 innings! Meanwhile we did a good job chipping away at their defense. We scored a run here, a run there. By the time the sixth rolled around, we had a six run lead. Then it all went to hell starting with an error by yours truly. Someone hit a ball that actually did go to the outfield, but I thought I could get it. He called it, but I still went for it. As a result, we collided and no one caught the ball. That was only the beginning. Over the course of the inning we gave up 7 runs. Yes, 7. Then in our last at-bat, we weren't even able to get someone on base. It was agonizing. Ah, well. It was a very good season and I'm glad I got to join in when I did.

So, Tomorrow's Agenda
6 miles running
awhile swimming

Good night!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Aaaand the inattention continues. I went home last week. But I think I did an okay job of at least keeping active during the week even if I didn't follow my schedule to the letter. Last Sunday I ran 6 miles for a (short) long run. Then I did boot camp on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Unfortunately I didn't do anything on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. But I got back on the ball on Sunday with a 10 mile run around the park.

This week has been marginally better. I ran approximately 1.5 miles on Tuesday. No excuse for that, really. Nothing yesterday, then two basketball games today. Full basketball games. I'd say today was a big victory. I've been feeling generally discouraged. For no particular reason, just that I can already feel that my training isn't going as well as it should be. I also realized today that somewhere along the way I got behind! I thought I was supposed to do 10 miles this weekend, then 11 miles next weekend. As it turns out, I should have done 12 last weekend and 9 this coming weekend! So now I need to do 12 this weekend. Then 14, then 15. Then a break with 10 again the weekend after the triathlon. But it's fine. I'm my own worst enemy and I just need to focus on not getting discouraged for no reason at all.

In other news, I HAVE to swim this weekend. I only have two and a half weeks to be able to swim 400M. That's on top of marathon training, basketball, and softball. But I brought it upon myself, so I can't complain.

Haven't eaten dinner yet, so I guess I should do that. Toodles!

To Run: 3 miles