Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Aaaand the inattention continues. I went home last week. But I think I did an okay job of at least keeping active during the week even if I didn't follow my schedule to the letter. Last Sunday I ran 6 miles for a (short) long run. Then I did boot camp on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Unfortunately I didn't do anything on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. But I got back on the ball on Sunday with a 10 mile run around the park.

This week has been marginally better. I ran approximately 1.5 miles on Tuesday. No excuse for that, really. Nothing yesterday, then two basketball games today. Full basketball games. I'd say today was a big victory. I've been feeling generally discouraged. For no particular reason, just that I can already feel that my training isn't going as well as it should be. I also realized today that somewhere along the way I got behind! I thought I was supposed to do 10 miles this weekend, then 11 miles next weekend. As it turns out, I should have done 12 last weekend and 9 this coming weekend! So now I need to do 12 this weekend. Then 14, then 15. Then a break with 10 again the weekend after the triathlon. But it's fine. I'm my own worst enemy and I just need to focus on not getting discouraged for no reason at all.

In other news, I HAVE to swim this weekend. I only have two and a half weeks to be able to swim 400M. That's on top of marathon training, basketball, and softball. But I brought it upon myself, so I can't complain.

Haven't eaten dinner yet, so I guess I should do that. Toodles!

To Run: 3 miles

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