Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 in 2012: Sandy Relief Challenge - Day 45

Miles to run as of beginning of Friday, 12/21: 70.04

Miles run on 12/21: 7.29

I mentioned the Day After The End of the World half a little bit on Wednesday. Marilyn and I were set to leave for Houston on Friday. I arrived at her house a little early and did a run around her neighborhood that came out to be a little bit over 7 miles. It wasn't the most exciting run, partly because I know the area fairly well (it was my neighborhood during high school) and partly because there's not much variety in terms of scenery. Nevertheless, I got my miles in, finished at Marilyn's house, and we drove down to Houston to meet up with Jeremy and Giri.

Miles to run as of beginning of Saturday, 12/22: 62.75

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