Saturday, April 9, 2016

Training Scorecard - 4/8

Yesterday (Friday) I hoped to work out but due to various circumstances, also knew it might be challenging for a couple reasons. Namely, that my friend Allison is leaving for awhile and I wanted to say goodbye. Certain occasions trump most other things, and this was one of those.

I started thinking about the "Other" category and how it's just a letter here, and not even one that figures into the overall average. Since my life has become a duality of this stuff and creative pursuits, it feels incomplete to only explore the endurance aspect of it. My next project is going to be writing more in depth about Other on my creative website.

Eating: C

Good breakfast and good lunch and Indian food for dinner. Tasty, tasty Indian food.

Alcohol: C

Some wine and a beer with good friends.

Sleep: A-


Training Overall: D

I didn't work out, but the rest of the week is shaping up okay in that regard so not a complete disaster from what I can tell. I may revisit if it starts to color the success of my weekend training.

Run: No

Swim: No

Bike: No

Other: A

Said bye to Allison.

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