Friday, April 8, 2016

Training Scorecard - 4/7: A Day Without Pizza

Yesterday was a good correction for the day before. Instead of two shows and two workouts, I had one of each, which seems like a more sustainable arrangement.

Also I got to nerd out with my vlookups. I might do a separate post on the spreadsheet itself so I can talk about that but we'll see.

Clean Eating: A

Breakfast, lunch, and at-work snacking went predictably well and then eggs for dinner, which was a good pizza substitute.

Alcohol: A


Sleep: A

7 on the nose.

Training Overall: B+

One good run at a reasonable distance and with some intensity.

Run: Yes

6.12 miles. I started at 6mph, worked up to 6.4mph, and then finished the last 1.62 miles increasing by .1mph per tenth of a mile except on the last one or two, where I increased by .5mph to finish the last tenth or so at 6:31 min/mile.

Swim: No

Bike: No

Other: A

I performed in a comedy show and also built out my Training Scorecard tracking spreadsheet and blog page.

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