Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Training Scorecard - 4/5

Yesterday was a day that, previously, might have ended in no workout based on an already busy schedule. The good news is that I got myself out for a good ol' night run on the treadmill at my gym.

I've also been thinking about what to do with these grades, because I feel like they're only so helpful if I can't use them to identify trends. I'm working on that for the next few days.

Clean Eating: C

I did well for breakfast (banana and pistachios) and okay for lunch (salad but also naan and a samosa) and disastrously for dinner (pizza, obviously), so a C may be generous.

Alcohol: A+

None, but I'm giving myself a + because my evening was spent in a setting in which having a beer was tempting and easy to do.

Sleep: D

4:23. Fallout from Monday's post-improv festivities.

Training Overall: B+

The rules I've adopted for this overall score are that if I hit two of the three below during a day, that's an A. If I only do one of them but it's a long distance or especially intense workout, that's also an A. An average workout in one is a B and no activity at all is something on the C to F scale depending on circumstances (yesterday, for example).

Run: Yes

You'll notice a + here because this was a 6.11 mile run which I finished with a tempo mile that ended at a 6:31 min/mile pace.

Swim: No

Bike: No

Other: A

Comedy with friends!

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