Monday, April 4, 2016

Training Scorecard - 4/2

It seems like weekends are worse for food/alcohol consumption, which perhaps is common sense. I'm still feeling everything out and determining which are the best/most efficient changes to make to all my habits. It's hard.

Clean Eating: C

Eggs for breakfast and an extremely tasty salad for dinner but also a slice of pizza after the party. I'm starting to see pizza as my #1 food problem. I love it so much.

Alcohol: F

Mmm...went to a birthday party and had some drinks but did make them vodka sodas, which I think is the least calorically damaging alcoholic option.

Sleep: A+


Training Overall: A-

Run: Yes

9-10 miles. 9.3 but then three quarters of a mile to my friends' improv show because I was late.

Swim: No

Bike: No

Other: A

Improv! I went to see some friends' improv show and performed in one for my group, Falawful.


  1. one slice of pizza won't kill you. it's got plenty of useful carbs you can burn in your next run.

  2. This is true. Pizza in moderation is okay but I worry that it's a slippery slope.