Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2012 in 2012: Sandy Relief Challenge - Day 6

Miles to go as of beginning of Monday, 11/12: 323.06

Miles run on Monday, 11/12: 35*

I added the star because the actual number adds up to 35.94, but that seems like a little bit too much, all things considered. And no, it's not a mistake. On Monday, I ran (almost) around the entire perimeter of Manhattan. I know, I know, almost. I had a date at 7 and, after pushing the limits of my anxiety over that, finally peeled off the East River path at about 6:40 (I still ran home, just not along the river) knowing I was already going to be massively late. I therefore ran all the way around Manhattan except for the little part between the Manhattan Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge. I'm not sure if I can rightfully claim it as having run around Manhattan, but I'm saying it anyway. I certainly did the distance due to a lot of backtracking. but I suppose it's not entirely true. Here are the maps:

My phone died on the West Side, where this path stops. But about 10 blocks later (which I'm not even counting in the total) I met up with Amortya, who had his phone and therefore had data (which he was kind enough to let me use) for the next 8.74 miles:

Amortya finished this segment well before I did, so I imagine my pace was slightly slower than 11 minutes per mile. I felt bad for Morty because, by that point, I was not in tip-top shape and had slowed down significantly over the course of the whole things. We parted at 14th street, at which point I knew I'd be able to remember my route well enough to map it manually on MapMyRun. So here's that part:

Yes, my navigation skills were sloppy and there were parts of the run (up after Dyckman Park) where I wasn't quite at water's edge. But I think I was at least 92% successful in this venture. It should be noted that this was inspired by a run and subsequent blog post done by Robert Reese. You can find that summary here.

I didn't walk, but there were definitely points when I had to stop and assess which direction/path to take next. I also stopped a number of times to take pictures!

The Williamsburg Bridge, about a mile from my starting point

An overlook point around 81st street and the East River
Around the 160's on the East
Slightly further north (maybe not quite 170's)
Betcha didn't know there's a boathouse up there
More boathouse
I had no idea, but Columbia's fields are way up there!
The most north point on Manhattan
Sweet Jesus, come get me!
And that's when I started being concerned about not having enough power left to coordinate with Amortya so I quit with the pictures. As I mentioned before, I had to backtrack some because many parts of the path were closed due to damage from Hurricane Sandy. It was disheartening at times, but I guess I still made my way around so it wasn't terrible.

So that's a pretty great way to get my mile numbers up. And oh, hey! Here's the link for my fundraiser. Less than $500 to goal!

Miles to go as of beginning of Tuesday, 11/13: 287.12

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