Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012 in 2012: Sandy Relief Challenge - Day 1

Since the challenge started yesterday, I may be posting two days today. Here's where we stand:

Miles to go as of beginning of Wednesday, 11/7: 366.59

Miles run on 11/7: 9.85

The total for 11/7 was broken up in two parts. I ran 4.3 miles at lunchtime at a fast-ish pace of 8:13 minutes/mile with some sprints at the end. This took place at my gym (the Sheraton fitness center), which I typically use when I want some speed in my workout.

The second 5.55 were done on my run home, which was probably a mistake in retrospect as it took me over an hour to do during the nor'easter we had yesterday. Lesson learned.

Miles to go as of beginning of Thursday, 11/8: 356.74

Let me know (via this blog, twitter, email, text, etc) if you ever want to join in on a day's run. I'd love the company. Plus, the more people who are involved, the better this effort will be. Here's the fundraiser link.

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