Monday, December 13, 2010

Let it snow!

New York City had its first real snowfall today. Fortunately it didn't come while Jared and I were on our morning workout/run. As usual, he had something diabolical up his sleeve. We started with 10 minutes of warmup on the elliptical and then did 2.5 rounds of the following:

20 box jumps
10 jumping pull-ups (mine were assisted)
50 20lb kettle bell swings
50 walking lunges
20 knee to elbow crunch thingies
20 push presses with 20lb barbell
20 back extensions
20 squat thrusts
50 jumping jacks

Apparently, as the real workout goes, you're supposed to do 50 reps of each exercise and then do 5 sets. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on your perspective), we didn't have all morning. Halfway through Jared decided we'd go on a run outside for the last 35 minutes or so. So we covered the following route:

Our pace was pretty decent for the first half. On the second half we stepped it up because we were running out of time. Jared had me do 20 seconds of sprinting, at which point I would slow to a jog and he would catch up to me. That continued for the second half of the route within the park. Central Park's hills made it challenging, but it was obviously a valuable exercise.

Until next time!

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