Sunday, December 19, 2010

Big Fat Variety Post - Part 2

In the second installment of what might have been the longest post ever, I'll discuss some recent race schedule news as well as important information for any New Yorkers seeking to gain guaranteed entry for the ING NYC Marathon 2012.

As you may remember from my holiday race post, one of my favorite races is the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run, which takes place in Central Park at midnight on New Year's Eve. Last week I registered for that. If anyone else is interested in running it, visit I'm sure you can still register, though prices may have gone up a bit. The NYRR website allows you to register for a number of its upcoming races in one shot, so I went ahead and registered for the Manhattan Half Marathon, which is the first in the Half Marathon Grand Prix. Actually, I think they might have changed the name of the series, but the idea is the same. It's a series of half marathons that take place in each of the five boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island).

While I was at it I renewed my NYRR membership. This is the important information part. If you have any interest in obtaining guaranteed entry to the marathon in 2012, you must be an NYRR member by January 31st, 2011. Take heed!

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