Thursday, December 16, 2010

Big Fat Variety Post - Part 1

I decided to do a little midday blogging as I wait for our stove to be fixed. We haven't had a working stove since we moved in. It's a really long story and involves a gas leak and me getting locked in my own apartment. Good times.

I was a little hesitant to start this one because there are a bunch of things I want to cover and I left my notes at work. I will surely forget something without my notes, which is why I decided to break it up. First off, let's get into the upcoming triathlon season.

It seems like the 2010 tri season just ended. Yet lo and behold, 2011 is now upon us! I'm sure there are triathlons that can be done at all times in the year, but I intend to start sometime in late March or early April. Full year schedule to follow. With the advent of a new triathlon season comes thoughts on the things I anticipate needing. At the top of this list for me are:

1. A new bike
2. A wetsuit

I'm going to save the bike discussion for another day. It's a huge purchase and requires lots of research and consideration. In other words, a dedicated post. As for the wetsuit, I plan on purchasing one pronto. After going an entire season without one I concluded that it was doable, but not something I'd recommend for anyone who's going to get involved with the sport. Why didn't I buy one from the get-go? They're expensive. At a few of the triathlons I did, I had people tell me "Wow, you must be a really good swimmer if you're going without a wetsuit!" I wanted to respond with something like "Yup, I can doggie paddle with the best of them," ; "Hell no, I'd have to sublet half my bedroom to buy one," or simply "Nah, I'm just a cheapskate." But I knew that if I wanted to maintain any amount of dignity I'd keep my trap shut, nod and smile, and hope they didn't notice me emerging from the water toward the back of the pack. This brings me to a little segment I like to call:
I received an email with this ad the other day and it looks like a really good deal. I'll probably take advantage before it expires on December 31st. If you're in the market for a wetsuit as well, visit xterra's website. At checkout, enter the promo code R-PIRANHA.

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