Sunday, January 9, 2011

Indoor Triathlon - Update 1

Hello and welcome back to the McBurney YMCA for the second of four indoor triathlons in the JackRabbit Sports Indoor Triathlon Series!

That's what I imagine the announcer would say if this was one of those Sunday afternoon Obscure Sport Specials on NBC. Alas, there is no such fanfare. I arrived around 10:45 an was assigned to a heat beginning at 11:45 (in approximately 30 minutes). I then went on a tour of the facility and race procedure. FYI the McBurney Y looks like it might have the nicest facilities of the bunch. Note to self: start working out here.

So here's how it goes: at around 11:40 I enter the pool area all suited up (cap and goggles required). A race official will stand at the end of the lane and count my laps as well as those of my lane partner. When 10 minutes are up I receive my score and have 15 minutes to change and move to the spin room. I didn't know this, but the pedals on the bike can accommodate either regular shoes or cycling shoes with clips, so I'll have to bring my cycling shoes next time. Anyway, the race official starts spinners and we have 30 minutes to register the largest distance we can on the provided cycle computer. That distance is the score for the bike portion. After that I have 5 minutes to get to the treadmill. 20 minutes there to run as far as possible.

It's getting closer to my time and I'm getting nervous so I'll stop here. More later!

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