Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back Into Circuits

Jared and I got back to circuits yesterday morning. I will say that we started light, though. We spent the first fifteen minutes repeating a four-part circuit which consisted of 25 push ups, 25 box jumps, a quarter mile sprint, a 250 meter rowing sprint. I haven't really done push ups since December, so it was challenging and my form deteriorated quickly.

Then we got down to serious business with the sprints. As you might remember, my new goal for the sprint triathlon coming up this Sunday is to run 2.5 miles in 20 minutes, which averages out to an 8 minute mile. In order to work toward this, Jared first had me run a mile under 8 minutes. I think I ended up doing it between 7:50 and 7:55 and it wasn't nearly as difficult as I anticipated. That's a good sign. Next, we traded off doing quarter and half mile repeats. One of us would run the quarter or half mile while the other walked briskly and then we'd switch.

That was yesterday's workout. Today's schedule will include a morning workout with Jared and then a long run with Vineet in the evening. I'm hoping to get in a solid 10. It might not be the wisest decision this close to the half, but the goal is just to finish. As long as we're not hurting come race time, we should be fine.

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