Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's Going on?!

Urgh. For whatever reason, I've found my motivation flagging the past week or so. I don't like it and I need to get back into it before it turns into a long term thing. The last thing I need is to find myself out of shape in the springtime, when all the best marathons and ultras take place. I guess what's also not helping is that I haven't actually picked and committed to a spring ultra or marathon. I'll compare some in a future post.

What is my proposed solution to this funk? Why, starting a streak of course! My friend Kim inspired this decision with her streak of biking at least 30 minutes every day. I've never been good at keeping streaks, but I'm hoping the one I'm about to start will be simple enough to keep going for at least a couple of weeks. Here's the idea: I pledge to run at least 1 mile and 100 situps every day for as long as I can. Should I put a definite number on this? Probably, since the crux of my workout strategy is commitment to a goal. Let's say two weeks. This doesn't mean I'll only run a mile per day, It just means that, should I find myself having not worked out at the end of the day, I'll have to drag my butt up and go outside for 10 minutes to run a mile. 10 minutes. It shouldn't be that big a deal.

I've read about people who thrive on streaks and love to be able to say they've run every day for the past however many weeks (or months, or years!) and I really admire them. One thing I'm kind of bad about is scheduling my training around my life rather than the other way around. I'm sure there are arguments for both, but in order to achieve some of the long-term goals I have (Boston, someday), I'll have to become more disciplined about training and I'm hoping this experiment will assist in that area.

My friend Meghan, with whom I graduated from high school, suggested I sign up for DailyMile. Apparently it's good for tracking workouts and connecting with other people that have similar workout goals. Check it out. Also, email me if you're interested in trying out this streak business with me! Keep in mind, your streak can be whatever you want and, if you don't mind going public with it (you can use an alias), I'll put you on the Streak List.


  1. You could even add some motivation some night by doing your streak naked! Like any proper streak! OK, maybe just the situps part, in the living room, which wouldn't be breaking any local laws.... I'm imagining myself doing situps naked, and thinking that that's PLENTY of motivation to do 100 of them... every time I crunch up and see my tummy pooch...:P

  2. Haha, I did end up thinking about that when I was doing those situps. I don't know if I'd ever get the nerve to streak though!

  3. Sailor, I laughed my butt off! I would never have thought about doing sit-ups naked!

    Katie, I want in! Need to add me to the list of Streakers! I wish I had read this earlier in the week because my motivation has been ZERO with all this snow and ice. My body is aching from lack of movement (trapped in the house for 4 days)! I will follow your lead and do the 1 mile and 100 sit-ups daily starting today!! Yippee!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    DFW BC Damage

  4. I disappeared from the face of the planet, but now I'm interested in this streak thing! I'm starting a bit late, but I shall be starting a streak tomorrow! I've had the same issue lately. This week I just TOTALLY fell off the wagon. I worked out like twice all week. One was a really good workout and the other wasn't, and I've just been too busy and achy (maybe from the cold weather? my joints have been killing me) to do anything about it. But tomorrow, I'll start a streak!

  5. Yes! Let me know what you decide.