Monday, February 28, 2011

Good Saturday, Calm Sunday

Good run on Saturday! We started out a little after 9 along the route I planned. It was a gorgeous day, if a little windy. It was especially interesting because I've run along the east side of Manhattan and I've run along the west, but never both in the same run. There are also particular areas along the route that are more populated with runners. Since we ran along 1st Ave for the first mile and a half or so, we didn't see too many. Because there's not much beyond 1st Ave and therefore little traffic, it's an interesting mix between the start/stop of running in the city and the more continuous nature of a run in, say, the park. The running crowd remained sparse until we got to the Lower East Side, where numbers seemed to increase. The other notably crowded area happened from about 10th to where we stopped in the mid-50's. Oh, that's the other thing. We stopped a bit early so the run ended up being about 12 miles.

We thought we would run late (and we probably would have) if we didn't stop early to get the quidditch equipment and make our way up to Riverside Park. So we did, and then had two hours of quidditch practice. It was a very good, exercise filled day.

What we didn't think of was breakfast! We didn't eat it and then didn't have time to get lunch. I realized this would probably happen right after we started running and regretted it immediately. I made myself feel better by planning to devour french onion soup from the usual post-quidditch stop, Toast and was not disappointed when I finally had it around 2:30.

Yesterday I kept it simple with the 1.5 mile midtown loop I've gotten in the habit of running when I either don't have much time or plan on a light workout. Phoebe came along and mostly enjoyed herself. By the time we were running along the park, though, she was pretty much done. It took some convincing to get her to keep up in the last few blocks and she was especially irked when we passed by what I have concluded are her mortal enemies: the Central Park carriage horses.


  1. CRAP, CRAP, CRAP.... My plank streak ended last night.... I had meant to run & do my plank in the afternoon, but got caught up in a huge argument/discussion with Ed, and then we had to scurry to get to Sharon's at 5 to help her get her house together for her annual Mardi Gras party, at which I ate WAY too much King Cake and pralines because everything else was too spicy and burned my tongue.... and since we were there until 12:45am, yeah, plank streak ended with a screech... :( Please restart my clock to start Sunday the 6th.... >sigh<

    On a much better vibe, I'm thinking about you and hoping your indoor tri was good today.... that at least 1 of your times was better than expected.... be sure to post please!

  2. Ah, well. Stuff happens! I put your streak in the historical streaks list and reset yours. As for the tri, I had some scheduling issues so didn't do it :( Just more motivation for the championships, though!