Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back in the City

I am back in the city and blogging again after a four-ish day break. The good news is I just managed to keep my streak going all throughout. It wasn't easy and there was a point at which I thought it would come to an end. On Saturday night, after performing in a couple of comedy shows, attending the ensuing party, and a trip to get food, I was about done for the evening. I was thinking to myself "well, it was a good run. But it's too late and cold and there's five inches of fresh snow on the ground plus ice under that and it's still coming down. It was good while it lasted but I think this is an okay place to stop." I was eating with a couple of friends and expected the usual dubious "you're really going to run right now? Really?" from one of them. I was totally ready to say no and, had she asked that way, I would have. But she didn't. The question she actually asked was done so with a tone of grudging resignation: "Guess you're doing your run then huh?"

If she had the expectation that I'd run despite everything that was influencing me not to, I really had no choice but to adjust my own expectations of myself. So I said yes and I did exactly one mile (in a well, lit area right outside the house, of course). It was a snow run, which I would have appreciated a lot more if circumstances had been better. Still, my streak stands at 20 days and counting. While I'm proud I've kept it going, I'm still aware of the fact that my overall training hasn't been great in the last week and the last regular indoor tri is fast approaching. I'll need to hit the pool, pick back up on my sprintwork, and do a couple of practice rides on the spin bike (with cycling shoes) to ensure that I can match my distance from last time. Speaking of cycling shoes, I'll have to do a post on those. It occurs to me that I've mentioned them a few times but not really explained what they are for anyone who might not know.

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