Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DEALWATCH: Sale on Xterra Wetsuits

Hello and good Tuesday to all. I'm currently watching The Biggest Loser and obviously not at the gym. The good news is I've already done my run so that's good. FYI - Xterra is having a wetsuit sale. The prices are really decent. See the offer here. It's good until March 28th. If you're in the market for one before the season starts, take a look!


  1. Ugh - I'm definitely all wet..... I broke my streak AGAIN.... on FRIDAY and it didn't even dawn on me until today, Sunday! I stink! >sigh< Please reset my clock.... Also, how the heck do I post to your blog without commenting on a specific post?

  2. Hmmm..let me get back to you on that. As for your streak, it has been reset. Hope this week goes well!