Monday, March 10, 2014

10 Day Challenge: Report Card

I started out really strong, but ultimately finished the challenge 70% successful. I guess that's a C in report card terms. My biggest victory was probably on Wednesday, when I went to work, ran home from work, ran to the PIT for my intern shift, then ran home when I was done. I was very determined and wish I could have carried that through in the following days.

Unfortunately, I had some stuff happen on Thursday that made it a little hard to do much of anything other than try to take care of it. Friday I managed a little over five before I met someone for drinks. Saturday was good and I got in 10-11 with Amortya in the morning. Sunday was so so and again, I only managed about 5.

Today, I didn't run, and that was probably the worst of the whole thing. I didn't really have a good reason, only general disappointment at the rest of the challenge. What I learned was that running 10 miles a day is a vastly easier task when you don't have too much going on than it is when life is in full swing. When I try this again, I'll have a better plan in place.

That aside, please take a look at this fundraiser and donate, if you can. Nathan Gonzalez is a hasher from San Antonio, and he needs to get his wheelchair fixed before the manufacturer closes on 3/31. This particular wheelchair has the ability to climb stairs, which I imagine greatly increases his mobility. Take a look:

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