Wednesday, March 5, 2014

10 Day Challenge: Day 4

Not much to report. I did a loop from home to the gym and it was very slow. I know I've mentioned that I don't mind the starting and stopping, but there are definitely some cons. I would like to be doing more than just getting in some mile when I do city loops. I therefore need to be more cognizant of my pace when I'm doing them.

Anyway, I ran slightly over 5 miles in about 50 minutes. I then did some arms and abs and continued onto the treadmill, where I did a progression run. I started out at 6 miles per hour (a 10 minute/mile pace) and kept that up until mile 2, when I increased to 6.5mph. At 3 miles, I increased to 6.7. From then on, it went like this:

3.1: increase to 6.9 mph
3.2: increase to 7.1 mph
3.3: increase to 7.2 mph
3.4: increase to 7.4 mph
3.5: increase to 7.5 mph
3.6: increase to 7.7 mph
3.7: increase to 7.8 mph
3.8: increase to 7.9 mph
3.9: increase to 8.5 mph
4.0: increase to 9.0 mph

End at 4.05. Also, here is a picture of the blood blister I developed yesterday. Don't be scandalized!

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