Saturday, August 27, 2011

She's Here!

Well, almost. After work last night, I spent a good while preparing for the storm. Going to the store, getting supplies, cleaning up, getting my run in, etc. This morning I woke up early just out of anticipation. I knew I needed to run early because I had to go to work around 11 and wasn't sure that the weather would permit me to go after work. Good thing, too!

NYRR cancelled this morning's Percy Sutton 5k because this storm is supposed to be such a doozy. I don't blame them. It does seem to be hitting pretty hard at this point. I have a bad feeling though, that this storm is going to get me off my game. I'll try really hard to do my long run early next week. Completing long runs always does a lot for my confidence even though they're tough.

And now, it's hurricane game time.

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