Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eaten Alive

At least, that's what it felt like. Apparently, it's mosquito season. Quidditch practice was lovely, as usual, except for this one, little detail. I'm not sure I've ever experienced such intense itching and am pretty convinced that I was getting bitten through my clothing. Fortunately, once I got out of the park and onto the pavement for my run, the problem resolved itself.

It's technically midweek long run day, but I decided to switch that with tomorrow because of quidditch. Honestly, I don't envision tomorrow being much  better because we have comedy rehearsal, but it'll have to be done. Today's run was supposed to be a 4 miler but I feel like it might have been a little longer. Let's see what mapmyrun has to say about it:

Okay, so closer to 5 miles. That's good to know. Like yesterday's, it was a nice little run and the evening was perfect for it.

So despite a little schedule juggling, I'm still on track. I need to get to bed early tonight so that I don't sleep too late again for tomorrow's training. Night, all.

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