Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene's Wrath

I received the unfortunate news today that the Bronx Half Marathon has been canceled. But I supposed I should be more concerned about the reason it was canceled, Hurricane Irene. For anyone who's unaware, Irene is a behemoth storm that's currently barreling up the East Coast and is expected to hammer New York City and the surrounding area. Dramatic, no? That's what the rest of NYC is thinking as well. There are all kinds of emergency preparations underway. My day job involves Business Continuity Planning, so you can imagine that the day was hectic. But it was fine. I had many things to look forward to. My favorite food truck was parked outside the building, I had comedy rehearsal, and then a four-mile run, although I admit the last one was much less exciting once all was said and done and I was exhausted.

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet because I have my second training session with Jared at 6am. Just a rundown of a few things. First, like I said, the Bronx Half has been canceled. I'm disappointed because I'll have to figure out what to do about my long run on Sunday morning (assuming anything can be done and Irene hasn't already made her merry way up 6th avenue). So far, however, the Percy Sutton 5k in Harlem is still on, so that's something.

I got the 10k results from yesterday. My time was 55:59. Again, I wish it had been better, but it was good enough for 25th place out of 70 AND I was the 7th woman, which is the sort of placement that is very, very rare in my racing experience. As for today's run, I did four miles. I tried to do them easy since I had a hard 4 miles on Tuesday and 9 yesterday, but it felt faster than I anticipated. I thought there was one more thing but I can't remember what it was.

To anyone on the East Coast, stay safe. Keep some water, food, and an LED flashlight on hand. Get your weekend miles in, but not at the risk of your personal safety. You know the drill. 

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