Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vote, Plz!

To the right, you'll see my poll about stretching. Please vote! If I get enough votes, I'll be able to plan posts around the results and I think that would be helpful. As workouts go, I'm approaching my 60 day streak mark. Yesterday I did a 5k along the Upper East Side. I think I did it in about 27 minutes but again, timing is fuzzy.

Another cool anniversary is also coming up! On April 11th, it will be two years since I ran my first marathon and three years since my first 10k, which was the first race for which I ever trained (aside from high school). I'll have to do some introspection on both of those things, as they were momentous occasions in my running career. For now, though, I need to take Phoebe for a walk.

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