Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today's Streak Run

It occurred to me that I might be more transparent with my streak runs. Also, why wouldn't I post my run every day? It's an automatic daily entry for me. So here is today's run. It's a Phoebe loop extended to the Upper East Side. I managed to get out and in while it wasn't raining, which I consider a victory.

I also forgot to mention that yesterday was the second installment of NYRR's Run and Learn series. This week we did the usual 3ish mile run and then learned some yoga for runners from an instructor at lululemon. It was interesting. I'm still not ready to do yoga on the regular, but it's always cool to do something interesting. The run was fast, but maybe not as fast as last week.

Lastly, I want to congratulate all my friends who have recently completed a couple of half marathons. Congrats to my boot camp buddies who completed the Big D half marathon this past Sunday and to my friend Meghan who ran the Great Bay Half Marathon the Sunday before. Great job, guys!

PS - A new poll is up. Cast your vote!


  1. Why thank you! Hahaha I did yoga back in high school when it was a PE choice, and I've barely done it since. But I did SEVERAL semesters of it and I absolutely loved it, so I really don't know what's stopping me.

  2. Yeah, everything I've heard has been great so I'm not sure why I'm so hesitant to try it out. Ah, well!