Friday, June 12, 2009


Blogging is going to take more work than I expected. Not that it's really work per se, but it's going to require constant supervision. Like a child....only not. Today (aka at 12:30am) I really wanted to just go to bed and do it later, which is how I feel about pretty much everything. But then I realized that I'm not even in Marathog mode - I'm still in PRE-Marathog mode. If I already feel like not blogging now, it's only going downhill from here. Besides, part of the point of the Marathog was to hold me accountable for my training program. If I say something's on the agenda, I damn well better do it. So here I am. Blogging.

As for today's agenda, I'd consider the day a victory. Actually multiple victories. I finished the Corporate Challenge in 33 minutes, which is an average of 9.26/mile. For SlowPoke, that is a great time. And we won our basketball game! This means the Riki Tiki Tavis will play in the championship next week!

Tomorrow's Agenda: 40 minute tempo run. Maybe at the Y, maybe at the park.

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