Monday, March 4, 2013

Taper Begins

This is a little misleading, since our last long long run was actually last weekend. This weekend was the first short long run before Rock n Roll USA, which will take place in a couple of weeks.

This week, Amortya and I started a little later than usual, since we knew it wouldn't take as long. The weather looked like it was going to be glorious when we first started, but by the middle of the run it was chilly and overcast.

We still did it in very decent time. 12 miles in a little under 1:48. I think Amortya is quickly outgrowing me as a running buddy. I was working to keep up with him pretty much the entire time!

A quick note about last week's 20-miler, which is that I saw three running/triathlete people. That's pretty cool, and was an indication to me that the NYC running community is surprisingly small. I saw Wilson, who's a runner and triathlete as well as the owner and operator of Nom Wah tea parlor. We spotted each other on the Brooklyn Bridge, which was barely a mile into our run. I also saw Michael, who's a stellar triathlete and also did the Providence 70.3 last year. Finally, I saw Steve Lastoe, who's behind NYCRUNS (and even commented once on a post I did about the Verrazano Half).

The last one was no coincidence, as NYCRUNS held its inaugural Central Park Marathon and half last weekend.

It's getting to that time in the year when I am completely over winter and ready to be wearing a lot less in the way of clothing. Shorts >>>> Pants. More on that later.


  1. Ha! You were just having an off day. I'm nowhere near outgrowing you as a runner. I have miles to go (pun intended) before I can be anywhere close to as hardcore as you are.

  2. Hey! I thought that was you on the bridge! I forgot to tweet you after my run! Looking good out there and keep doing your thang!!! See you soon!