Thursday, March 14, 2013

Exciting Weekend Ahead

And finally, my first marathon of the season has arrived. Even more exciting, though, is that a number of friends have their own firsts to celebrate. Amortya is running his very first marathon in DC as well. He actually signed up for this way back in September so I think he's really itching to get out there and get this thing done. Even more impressive, it looks like he's on track to run a sub-4 on his very first try!

My friend Marilyn is also running her first marathon in LA despite being plagued by what is hopefully a minor foot injury. Looks like she's been smart about mostly resting up and just getting ready for race day so I expect her to knock it out of the park.

Monica and Dirk are running their first half marathons right here in NYC! And lucky for me, Rock n' Roll USA is on Saturday so I can make it back in plenty of time to cheer them on. With the exception of Central Park, NYC is a pretty decent first-time half marathon because the course runs through Times Square, which is thrilling. An additional bonus is that Jeremy will be handing out medals at the finish line! Monica has also had some injury trouble, but last I checked she's on to run.

Finally, my friend Maria is doing her first 70.3 in San Juan. This is early in the triathlon season, but weather in PR should be beautiful, if a little bit warm.

If you know any of these people, make sure you wish them luck. They'll obviously kick ass, but who doesn't love a little encouragement? Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend!

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