Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day

Quick, unplanned post about National Running Day. I hope you're all enjoying it and finding some way to get out there and kick ass on this fine Wednesday afternoon. I'll be celebrating by doing my long run, as assigned by Brian. That'll be 1:50 of running and I'm hoping to do 12ish miles.

It was also a good day to come to an exciting realization. As I was registering for the Providence 70.3, one of the questions asked was something about athletic accomplishments. I wouldn't have bothered except it was required, so I figured I'd list my ultra, half, and marathon numbers. After doing some counting and lots of recounting, I realized that Brooklyn marked my 20th half marathon. Someday I hope to have my marathon numbers up around there, but for now I'm happy to have anything in the double digits.

How are you celebrating National Running Day and/or what's your favorite running accomplishment?

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