Thursday, March 1, 2012

Keeping Up with 2012

Surprise! A not-race report. Now that I've gotten all caught up with those, I can move on to some worries that have been nagging at me. Namely, a lack of focus in my Ironman training. It really needs to improve. And I know it will get easier as I move into training plan time frames (20 or 18 weeks) because then I'll have schedule and a list of workouts to do. Still, though, it's been worrisome. I need to make a solid schedule with morning and evening (maybe even lunchtime) workouts for all three tri disciplines and I need to 1. stick to it and 2. restart my 2012 goal of going to bed and waking up early enough to get all these things done.

What's also not helping my Ironman or 2012 miles in 2012 ambitions is my comedy. Now, this isn't something that will change because I love doing it too much. But what it means is that I now have to plan around having two weekday evenings that are almost completely out when it comes to workouts (runs can be done late on Tuesday and occasionally on Thursday, but it's rough). Plus, since these end up being late nights, the following mornings are going to be difficult as well. And as we get into spring and summer, performances will be happening more regularly.

Bottom line? The same thing it always is. I need to improve my time management and probably just learn to do with less sleep. What are your strategies for integrating training and life?


  1. for me I HAVE to get it done first thing in the morning before the day chews me and spits me out. 2 weeks ago got up at 5am every day to ride/elliptcal for an hour and it workedout great got crushed at work and ended up doing a workout at midnight to try and get some miles in and got insomnia till 1:30 and was trashed yesterday and this morning.

  2. Lunchtime powernap!