Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DEALWATCH: Sale on Xterra Wetsuits - Fall 2011

So I've noticed that my blog gets tons of hits from a post I did earlier this year about a sale on Xterra wetsuits. I feel a little bad that this sale is so out of date, so I found a new sale! Bargain hunters, rejoice, for I have a code that will secure significant wetsuit savings for you and your loved ones. Behold:

Take note, readers. That coupon code is ATHLINK and it is good until October 16th (next Sunday). I suppose it's only fair to mention that this deal comes courtesy of the website Athlinks, which is a pretty cool site that aggregates any race results you might have floating around on the Internet and puts them in one place for you!

So there you have it. I'm working on two other posts that I just haven't gotten around to finishing, not to mention a bunch of other writing I really need to get on top of. Anyway, enjoy the sale. Take advantage before next Sunday!


  1. My office frowns upon recreational activities such as running. The Athlinks website is blocked!