Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Training Scorecard - 4/24-5/3

Oof. It's been over a week and I've lapsed again in my posting. Let's restart this thing.

Eating: C

Meh? Last week I did well, but the weekend was crap.

Alcohol: C

Same idea good during the week, but I took Toronto as a good opportunity to try all the Canadian beer. ALL of it.

Sleep: B

I usually get 6-7 hours and last week this was mostly true with a couple exceptions.

Training Overall: B

Last week I did some swimming, some biking, no running during the week, but a whole lot over the weekend.

Run: Yes

Toronto! I'll write a race report soon.

Swim: Yes

Went for a swim at the Chelsea Rec Center in the morning before work on Tuesday.

Bike: Yes

I rode on both Sunday (30 miles) and Monday (20 miles) and both rides were excellent. On Sunday, I just rode around Central Park for awhile because I'm uncomfortable riding across the GWB by myself. On Monday, I stuck to the west side and rode all the way up to the Little Red Lighthouse.

Other: A

Improv practice(s), baseball game, book release party, Toronto.

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