Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy 2015!

Checking in. It's been a really super long time since I posted anything so I figured I'd get started again.

January is off to a slower start than I'd anticipated, but that's okay. I'm starting to find my groove. I don't remember if I posted on this last year or not, but Amortya convinced me to sign up for the New Jersey Marathon a full year in advance. So that's what I'm training for. I also signed up to try for 2015 in 2015. I'm behind, but confident that I'll gain momentum as the year continues. I forgot how much I dislike running in the cold.

Also, also, I'm not drinking until the marathon. It's been a little while since I decided to do my personal version of Prohibition, but I'm convinced it's going to be very helpful. So far, I'm right about that.

Lastly (maybe?), I got a new pair of Vibrams. It has literally been years since I ran in Vibrams but I really did like it when I used to wear them. So far, the transition has not been difficult. The only issue I've encountered is a couple of troublesome blisters on my left foot. As of now, I'm only using the Vibrams at the gym and don't anticipate running much more than 6 or 7 miles in them on a given day. I anticipate wearing them outside, though, once the weather gets better.

As usual, I'll try to post more often for the same reason I always liked posting: it keeps me honest.

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