Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The NYC Marathon! 2014 Edition!

Hello! It's been so long! Life has really been at it since August. I don't have enough time for a full race report right now, but I wanted to check in because it's been far too long.

On Sunday, I ran my fifth New York City Marathon and for the first time was graced with the presence of many, many friends both racing AND watching! It was a far cry from 2009, when I knew no one else running. I'm happy to know so many people so enamored with the sport and with this city.

I will continue these thoughts in a proper race report. And I plan to write the race report sometime this week. We'll see, though. I'm never very good when I set myself blog deadlines. Congratulations to all NYC finishers and I'll catch you later this week.

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