Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Runner Problems: Sweat Money

I watched the cashier's eyes as I handed him my soggy $10 bill. To my surprise, they remained averted as he slipped the bill, damp with the by-product of my just completed run, into the till. I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking the danger had passed.
"Is it raining outside?"
Well, crap.
 "No," I said hesitantly, expecting at least one of a number of potential follow up questions.
"Oh. Because your money is wet," he continued.
"Uh huh..."
"Was that…was that sweat?" 
There it was. The jig was up and there was no avoiding it now. If only the Jamba Juice credit card machine hadn't been broken I could have avoided this embarrassment and he could have avoided contact with my grimy currency. Or if only Amortya (who, thankfully, did not witness this debacle) and I didn't love post-run Jamba Juice so much. Or if it wasn't so hot outside. Alas!
"Yes." My reply was tinged with shame and I received ample side-eye.
"That's gross."
"Ok, thank you. Can I have an extra cup?" He disapprovingly granted my request and I slunk away to find a table.
I guess he got over it, though. We saw him again after today's workout and I saw no hint of recognition on his face. Also, the credit card machine was working this time. Runner problems.

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