Tuesday, September 10, 2013

(Not) Finding Balance

Despite my best efforts at doing all the things I want to do, lately it seems like it's one thing or another that's falling by the wayside. Most recently, my triathlon training. I think we can all agree that, these days, neglecting any of swim, bike or run will result in a full-scale disaster.

So I tried to think about why it is that I've had such a hard time balancing everything. I came up with the following diagram:

I know, small font. Click on it for a better view.
I've made better flowcharts, but I'm proud of this one because it's a wonder I was able to follow it all the way through my train of thought.

You know what else I'm proud of? A dance my friends and I did last weekend at our friend's wedding. The whole weekend, actually. We traveled to Virginia Beach from Thursday to Sunday for wedding festivities and I managed to get both my long run and a swim done in one day! It wasn't as much as it would have been if I'd been home, but doing long runs early or on an irregular schedule is a feat for me.

Hopefully soon I'll have a little more time to get into detail on my lack of balance. What I know is that I'm now at the have-to-kick-ass stage of my training. 7 weeks. Now or never.

Here's the video!


  1. You don't have $50k? I thought all investment bankers were rich.

  2. Hmmm...you might be right about investment bankers. I'll ask next time I talk to one.