Monday, February 4, 2013

Thursday Night at the Races - Race Report!

Note: I started writing this 3 weeks ago.

I finally did it. I not only showed my face at NYRR's Thursday Night at the Races event, I actually participated. It was pretty much as I expected, which is to say that I was definitely back of the pack but not last in either the 3k or 800 meter.

This time, I made sure to arrive at the Armory with plenty of time to register and warm up. These things are much more intimidating than they typical NYRR race, with comparatively only a handful of participants (Probably a maximum of 40 in either event, versus up to 15,000 in a typical race).

Before the 3k, I started talking to one woman who was also racing and we joked that we both simply aimed not to be last (although I don't know what she was worried about because she ran a very respectable 12:06). She said that TNR was something her boyfriend did every year and that this was her first time there, since they had decided to make a long weekend of the trip.

After the race, I heard something happening over the loudspeakers and quickly deduced that a proposal was happening. I looked over and, sure enough, it was the person I'd been speaking to and her boyfriend! It was very cute and now pretty high up on my list of cool proposals...which actually is not very long...but still.

Check this out:

I'll even accept my name being written as Jen Akatie
 And this:

I guess this misspelling is moderately less puzzling
You can see the full results here.

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