Monday, September 10, 2012

Life Goes On

It will eventually take me over a month to process and write everything I have to say about my Ironman experience (I'm not finished yet). But the world has continued to spin, as ever. New York City is deep into marathon season, which means fall is nearly upon us and prime running weather has almost settled in.

I got a nice taste of that yesterday, at NYRR's Bronx 10 Mile race. This race used to be a half marathon and I'm still a little disappointed that NYRR has done away with the half marathon series, but it was a good race nonetheless.

Perhaps the best part of it, though, was the fact that my friend Sunshine ran 10 miles for the first time. You know what else? She made it look easy. If yesterday was any indication of how she'll do at her first half marathon, things are looking pretty damn good.

Hey, girl, hey!

As an aside, my friend Amortya, who's previously written a guest post here, also ran the Bronx 10 Mile. Ran it into the ground is probably a more appropriate way to say it. This guy ran 10 miles in approximately 1:25, which works out to an 8:30min/mile pace.

It was a weekend of victories, people!

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