Monday, December 12, 2011

The ESBRU Squirmies

Although it's not official yet, my hope of doing the Empire State Building Run-Up 2012 is quickly slipping away. My sources (aka Twitter) are saying that notices have been sent and credit card charges have already been made. I have gotten neither of those things and my status on the website says "In non-guaranteed entry drawing." I'm really hoping they'll at least update my status so I don't hang around refreshing the screen all evening (is it bad that I'm admitting I'll be doing that?).

I'm not sure why I got myself so worked up about this one. Perhaps it's because I find the prospect of running around iconic New York City to be an unparalleled experience. Also, this race is simply very different from most of the ones I've done. It should scare me, but it doesn't. Ah, well. Here's hoping for ESBRU 2013!


  1. I'm in the same boat--still waiting for the status to update. I'm hoping that the selection committee is still working on making selections---but it doesn't look good.

    As you say, it would be great if the status would say something to the effect that we've either been selected or not.

    As for me, I will train for the Philly ALA climb.

  2. Just got the confirmation email. Good luck at the Philly climb, I might look into that.

  3. You could also try Climb to the Top NYC. Climbers race up Rockefeller Center!