Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things Are Getting Real

I meant to write yesterday and even took a bunch of notes at work about what to write so I wouldn't forget. It figures that I would forget the list of things I didn't want to forget.

One of the things that I wanted to write about and unfortunately was unable to attend after all, was a run with Ryan Hall and Bart Yasso! I'll give you a minute to get excited. As Bruce from Family Guy would say:

For those who don't know, Ryan Hall is arguably the best American marathoner today. Bart Yasso is the CRO (Chief Running Officer) at Runner's World and an icon. He's done all kinds of amazing things that I'm sure you'll read about on his website. Anyway, these guys were at Footlocker near Union Square and led a run at 6:30 this evening. Wouldn't you know I'd get caught up at work! To add insult to injury, I also missed the Team Lipstick run that happens every Wednesday at 7:00pm. Ah, well. 

The finish line went up today, as well (actually I think it may have gone up yesterday, but I can't remember). The blue line ceremony (they paint a blue line along the whole course!) was definitely today. The whole thing starts to feel very real once I see that finish line in the park. I'm noticing marathon tourists more and more, whether on their morning run or just walking around Midtown.

Another thing I'm starting to get excited about is all the people I'll see along the course! My roommates will be taking in the marathon from a bar somewhere along 1st ave. Additionally, my Chupacabras (of Chupacabra Conspiracy fame) will be congregating at 1st and 78th street! In Brooklyn I'll look forward to seeing CEO and founder of Team Lipstick, Laura Cozik and along the course I'll see other Team Lipstick members! And last, but most of all, my mom will be there too, all the way from Texas! 

There I go abusing the exclamation point again. Whatever. If there's an occasion that warrants it, it's the New York City Marathon.

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