Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Week's Training and a New Race

When it comes to foresight and any sort of advanced planning, I'm woefully inept. That's why I was impressed with myself for completing my 4 mile run yesterday in preparation for the fact that I had a comedy meeting this evening. Did I still have to do my streak run anyway? Yes. But pounding out 1.5 miles is much more manageable than 4 when dealing with time constraints. The run was a wild hybrid of the Phoebe Loop and my UWS 5k:

Yayay good for me blah blah blah and such. Or not. What I haven't yet mentioned is that I didn't do my long run this past weekend! It's true. And why not? The very same lack of planning that very often unnecessarily complicates things. You see, for the past three weeks, I haven't had my 6 hours of comedy class on Sunday afternoon due to Irene and Labor Day (and the Del Close Marathon a week prior to that). No comedy class means no homework, and no homework or comedy class means more flexibility to go on my long run when I want to. Unfortunately, I didn't take these things into account this weekend. I saved my homework for Sunday morning (massive no-no), left straight for class at noon and then didn't get back until close to 7pm.

There are two remedies for this. The first is to do my homework on Saturday (or any of the other 5 days in the week). The second is to do my run on Saturday instead of Sunday. Considering I recently found a very likable long run group for Sunday mornings, I'm going to try really hard to stick with the first strategy, which is to have my homework done and printed by Saturday night.

Enough about that. Tomorrow I'll try to stretch out my 9 to 12 or 13. That will be a proper short long run even though I was technically supposed to do a long long run. On Thursday, the New York Harriers are putting on a 5k (the Sunset and Suds 5k) at Riverside Park. That will be fun, I just need to remember to register myself and my friend Amortya (of City Boy fame) at Urban Athletics tomorrow before 7pm. If anyone reading this is interested in the race, let me know and we can get a whole party together.

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